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Untitled Poem… Old but one of my favourites

It’s funny how the meaning of a word could change…
Once we were Niggers in chains and we were hung from our necks
Now we’re Niggas with chains hanging down from our necks
No respect for the name that they gave us as slaves
On the ships which nowadays no longer have sails
Instead we claim the title in our rap recitals and our hails of…
"Yo my nigga!”
As if memory fails, or he doesn’t have a name
It’s insane how he responds to it
Proudly, when he should be ashamed
But only if he pale, light-eyed, straight mane
The meaning ain’t the same
Saying it could get him maimed
Tell me who is to blame
And where the fear went
Tell me how this became a term of endearment
No! I ain’t your nigga
My name is Navy
For short some say Nav
But I’m far from a slave
See I put that mentality in the grave
Substituted it with bravery
And that’s how I became me
Studied the ways in which they want us to behave
Did it different and… well that’s how I became free
Jay-Z said they took the power out the word
The same one my thoughts tell me we should use less
But strangely, not much agree it is absurd
In fact, all my favourite rappers seem to be obsessed
No less than out of touch
Despite how far we done came
Nothing much really changed since the abolition
Except maybe the design of the ammunition
We push whips now, and we rock brands
Fast food chains spread throughout the land
I heard in this world we’re not meant to advance
But as long as we have choice, well we have a chance
To use our voice, to write our own story
Instead of living down to this new found glory
I figure, we should stop pretending that it’s cool
Defending the very tool that separated us
Seems we forget so soon to love ourselves
But are quick to remember all the ones who hated us
Pray for us
God, please shine your light to guide the way for us
To walk down this dark narrow path that was made for us
And maybe one day, we’d be bigger than the word nigga
And live a new life awaiting us
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